MMHA Underage Policy- OMHA Mandated (Mariposa Minor Hockey)

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Mariposa Minor Hockey Association

Underage Player Movement Policy

This policy pertains to any MMHA player seeking to play hockey at a higher division than their age.

Any Player wishing to move up a category must meet the following necessary criteria to allow such a move,

a)      Player must exhibit significantly advanced skills and abilities to play at a higher level. Skating ability, skill, maturity and player safety will be taken into consideration. The player should be in the top 5 in their respective position to move up at a Representative level.

b)      The registration numbers must allow such move in a way it does not leave a team at their respective age group short players.  In addition, the age group signing said player must have the room to accept another player.

c)      The Mariposa Minor Hockey Association executive board will appoint an evaluative team of 3 members to be certain that a player meets all criteria. Board members appointed to said evaluative team shall not have any affiliation or relation to the team or the player in question. The evaluate team may make a recommendation to the Mariposa Minor Hockey Executive for approval.  If approved by the MMHA executive, then the request will go to the OMHA Convenor and Regional Director.  Final Approval is at the discretion of the OMHA.

d)      If numbers permit players to move up due to lack of numbers at a higher level, ie, if Novice 3C has 16 skaters and Atom 3C has 9 skaters moving up players to Atom to balance teams may be an option upon Board approval of above criteria as well as player/family/guardian consent.

 Player Movement Specific to U8 and U9 Age Group


a) If a U8 aged player exhibits the ability, experience, maturity, and developed skills to participate at the U9 Rep/MD/LL level, at the coaches discretion during evaluation phase, a U8 player may be selected over a U9 aged player that exhibits a lower skill and experience level.  

b) If it is required due to numbers a U8 player may move up to play U9 Three County (Local League) as long as the numbers are not effected in a negative way at either age group

c)   U8 players will have the opportunity to be evaluated for the U9 rep team only during the U9 evaluation phase and not prior.

d) All movement is subject to OMHA Regional Director approval upon roster submission.

All Decisions based on the above criteria will be taken to the MMHA board for approval, and following that, to the OMHA for approval before any player will be signed at a higher age group.