Registration (Mariposa Minor Hockey)


2021/2022 Registration Notice

After our Annual General Meeting held in July, the registration rates for the 2021/2022 season were passed as follows:

                Little Lightning                                                      $350

                Initiation Program                                                 $630

                Teams with two hours of ice/week                        $630  (in the past, teams up to Atom 3C)

                Teams with three hours of ice/week                      $945  (in the past, teams from Atom AE and up)

                Discount for 3rd and subsequent child                  50% reduction on highest rate(s) charged


Due to COVID, our AGM was delayed which resulted in the 2021/2022 rates not being approved until after online registration was opened.  A separate communication was sent to the membership explaining that 2019/2020 season rates of $325/$600/$900 were used as a placeholder for the opening of online registration and that final rates were subject to approval by the Board and membership.  Based on the above rates passed and the City requirements for ice rental payment, full payment is due by November 15, 2021 and is subject to the following guidelines:


1. Full payment can be made now for the year.

2. If you choose to break your payment up, the following details the amounts due/due dates:







Little Lightning

$ 100.00

$ 100.00

$ 75.00

$ 75.00

$ 350.00

2 hours/week

$ 215.00

$ 215.00

$ 100.00

$ 100.00

$ 630.00

3 hours/week

$ 300.00

$ 300.00

$ 200.00

$ 145.00

$ 945.00


3. We recommend that payments be made via e-transfers or cheques.  Cash payments are also accepted but not preferable. Etransfers can be sent to [email protected] through our website - please note your child's name on the etransfer so that payment can be applied properly.  If you pay by cash or cheque, please contact the registrar ([email protected]) to make payment arrangements.   Please ensure you remain current with your registration payments - failure to do so will result in your child not being allowed to participate in on ice activities until your total payment is in line with the scenarios outlined in point #1 or #2.  For example, if you have a child at the $945 rate and intend on paying fees using monthly instalments as outlined in point #2, you will need to have paid $300 in total by Aug 15, $600 in total by Sept 15, $800 in total by Oct 15 and $945 in total by Nov 15.

4. For those who have a credit from last season or have already put down deposits for the 2021/2022 season, please factor those amounts in when determining amounts on future payments.  If you are unsure of either amount, please contact the treasurer through the email on the website.

5. As there are different registration rates within some age brackets and we have yet to complete evaluations, we will charge the lower of the two rates to start the season and then collect the remaining amount once teams are finalized.  As an example, U11 will be initially charged $630 - once teams are made, kids on the Three County teams will get two hours of ice per week and will remain at the $630 rate. Those who make the rep teams receive 3 hours per week and will have fees increased to $945 - the residual balance of $315 will be collected in the fall.

5. For those families applying for external funding (ie - Jumpstart), it is important to email the treasurer of your intent to do so and when funding is approved, you will need to forward your funding confirmation number that you receive.

6. Even though COVID still involves some unknowns in the upcoming months, and we have yet to have all the answers, we are planning on a "normal" season.  The Executive will review rates throughout the season if circumstances change and will ensure that costs are sufficiently covered, and they are fair and equitable if plans change.  If any adjustment to the rates is required, it will be communicated as soon as possible to the membership.

MMHA Levels by Age Group


Birth Years


2017, 2018*


2015, 2016






2011, 2012


2009, 2010


2007, 2008


2004, 2005, 2006

* To register 2018-year players please contact Melissa Gibson via email

ALL NEW PLAYERS: As per OMHA policy, one parent per player must complete the mandatory “Respect in Sport” parent program AFTER registering online with Mariposa Minor Hockey, as well as submit a copy of your child’s birth certificate before September 1, 2021 to our Registrar Melissa Gibson. You can scan or take a cell phone photo of the birth certificate and email it to Melissa at [email protected]


* U9 PLAYERS: All U9 age players will register at the $630 fee - for those players making the OMHA team, the additional $315 will be collected by the team manager in the fall.

All requests to play at a higher division must be approved by the Executive Board.

If you experience any difficulties registering online, please email our Registrar Melissa Gibson and include the name of the player you are trying to register and the issue you are experiencing.


Financial Assistance

All players applying for the Jumpstart, Kids Sport Grant or any other child recreation financial assistance are required to make full payment based on one of the three plans. If funding is received by MMHA prior to the payment plan dates, postdated cheques will not be cashed. If funding is received after the payment plan dates cheques have been cashed, a refund will be issued for the credit balance. Please be sure to keep the treasurer informed of any pending funding applications and the associated tracking numbers.

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