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Mar 30, 2018 | MMHA | 1648 views
AGM- Meeting Minutes
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                     Mariposa Minor Hockey Association



                                                MEETING OF:        MMHA Annual General Meeting            

                                                DATE/TIME:          Wednesday March 28, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

                                                LOCATION:           Little Britain Arena

                                                RECORDER:           Tim Brown, Secretary

                                                CHAIR:                  Dan Wicks, President        

                                                ATTENDANCE:      See sign-in sheet               


1.            Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Dan Wicks at 7:04pm.



2.            Welcome & Review and Approval of the 2017 AGM meeting minutes: Dan welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending.  Dan requested a motion to approve the minutes from AGM on March 22, 2017.  Motion by Jen Bellefeuille, seconded by Jeff West, all in favor, motion carried.



3.            2017/2018 AGM Report / Season Highlights † Dan Wicks


I would like to welcome all of you to the 2017/2018 Annual General Meeting.  I'd like to start by giving thanks to all players, coaches, trainers, managers, parents and board members for another successful season.


This past year we successfully iced 17 teams: 4 Timbit, 2 Tyke, 2 Novice, 2 Atom, 3 Peewee, 2 Bantam and 2 Midget with a total registration of 250 players.  Getting this many teams to ice is no small task, so great job everyone on all the hard work and dedication. Our Bantam and Midget rep teams made it all the way to the semi-finals before elimination. Our Peewee AE team made the quarter finals, and our Three County league had a great season as well with the Novice and Midget teams being first in the league and both winning the A championships.


Spring evaluation skates and registration dates will be from Wednesday, May 2nd  to Saturday, May 5th, 2018. The specific times for each age group will be posted on our website. As per usual, the Midget dates will be in the fall, and specific dates will be announced at a later date.


This year, not unlike any others, has had its hiccups. IP acceptance is one that Kevin Boyd will talk about shortly and member behaviour at away tournaments being another. All members, including players, their parents and the staff of the teams need to remember at all times, especially when away, that they represent the MMHA. As such, we should all behave accordingly. With today's technology, very little is private - even if behind closed doors at a hotel - so people need to be more mindful of their actions and words.


Financially this year, we are ok. Our increase in registration cost last year was definitely warranted and did as required as it covered the increased cost of ice we anticipated. We also had expenditures due to the new initiation program, but Farrell will cover the financial report.



4.            Financial Report † Farrell Garbutt


Farrell Garbutt provided copies of the Financial Report and read it to all in attendance.  Farrell discussed reasons why we are in a surplus position of approximately $20,000, even after spending approximately $10,000 on IP nets and cross-ice/half-ice boards.  The association did not ice as many teams as anticipated.  This, coupled with high numbers of players on most teams, translated into savings. Strong returns at the gate were also noted. 


Farrell explained to all in attendance that last year’s registration rate increase was due to a 17% increase in ice costs this year, with the anticipation of ice costs increasing dramatically for the 2018/19 year as well.  The city has informed the association that ice costs are only increasing by CPI which is about 1.6%.  Because of this, and the fact that we are in a surplus position, the board recommended no registration rate increases.


The recommended rate for the newly structured Preschool (Timbit) age group is $300 + $50 fundraising fee.


Farrell also introduced the board approved multiplayer discount for families with 3 or more players in our association.  The discount proposed for the 3rd and more players is 50% off the highest registration rate with no fundraising fees.  Only 2 fundraising fees to be charged per family.


Dan requested a motion to approve the outlined rates, as well as the multiplayer discount.  Motion by Kevin Boyd.  Seconded by Heidi Flowers.  All in favour, none opposed, motion carried. 



5.            Looking Forward to the 2018/2019 Season:


Kevin Boyd highlighted the OMHA mandated ‘8 and Under’ Policy Document created by the OHF.  He also addressed the validity and need for the new IP Director position being proposed by the board.



6.            New Business/Discussion: 


Question from a member:  Will IP players be on the ice 2 or 3 times per week?

Answer:  IP players will be on the ice 2 times per week during the developmental phase.  Once 3 County games get going, they will average approx. 3 times per week.


Question from a member:  Is MMHA considering the mixed 7/8 option?

Answer:  Registration numbers will dictate this.  The board is aware that this would be a good option for players born in 2011 for transitional purposes.  The league convener has ultimate say in the roster though.


Question from a member:  Will we transition to 4-on-4 for cross-ice and half-ice?

Answer:  Yes.






7.         Constitutional Amendments:  


              7.1     New Administrative Board position, Initiation Program Director, section 6.8:


INITIATION PROGRAM DIRECTOR will assist the Hockey Development Coordinator in the organization of Preschool and Initiation Programs for the Association while ensuring all OMHA guidelines are met.  The Initiation Program Director shall be responsible for communicating with the League's IP Convener, attending all IP meetings hosted by the league and reporting all pertinent information to the Administrative Board and coaching staff.  They shall be responsible for obtaining OMHA rosters and other documentation as required.  The Initiation Program Director sits on the Coaches Selection Committee. 


Suggested addition to section 6.8


              7.2     Revised duties, Hockey Development Coordinator, section 6.8:       


HOCKEY DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR is responsible for co-coordinating player development clinics and programs.  This person sits on the Central Ontario Wolves AAA Hockey Association as a representative of MMHA and reports their decisions and information back to the Administrative Board.  The Hockey Development Coordinator sits on the Coaches Selection Committee and is responsible for Timbit Coordinator Duties including; ensuring Timbit coaches are in place prior to the commencement of the season; ensuring junior refs are in place prior to the commencement of Timbit games; assisting with splitting of Timbit teams; assigning a Timbit convener.


Suggested revision of highlighted areas to:



HOCKEY DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR is responsible for coordinating player development clinics and organizing all 'Under 8' programming according to OMHA guidelines.  They shall be responsible for coordinating the Preschool (Timbits) Program (ie. programming, ensuring coaching staff in place, parent inquiries, etc.) and facilitating the formation of Preschool (Timbits) groups, IP teams and Tyke teams.  This person sits on the Central Ontario Wolves AAA Hockey Association as a representative of MMHA and reports their decisions and information back to the Administrative Board.  The Hockey Development Coordinator sits on the Coaches Selection Committee.


              7.3     Revised duties, President, section 6.8:


PRESIDENT shall conduct all meetings according to rules of order and have a vote only if necessary to cast a deciding vote.  They shall perform the duties usual to the office, such as co-signing all cheques and preparing and distributing a written report of the year activities for the Annual General Meeting.  The President along with the Administrative Board Election Committee will determine the agenda items and election order for the Annual General Meeting.  The President shall oversee the Treasurer, Registrar, Secretary, Coaching Coordinator, Ice Scheduler, Referee Assignor, OMHA Representative, Three County Representative, Hockey Development Coordinator and Initiation Program Director.


Suggested addition of highlighted area


 7.4      Addition to Coaches Selection Committee, section 6.9c:


Coaches Selection Committee: Coaches will be selected by a committee made up of the Coaching Coordinator, OMHA Representative, Three County Representative, Hockey Development Coordinator, Ice Scheduler, Referee Assignor, Initiation Program Director and the Vice-President.  If a member of the Coaches Selection Committee wishes to apply for a coaching position, they must declare a conflict of interest and cannot participate in discussions or vote for the position that they are applying for.  This committee shall be presided over by the President who will only have a vote in the selection of coaches in the result of a tied vote. The suitability of coaches applying for teams who have coached in the past for the organization will be reviewed as per coaching surveys and evaluations from past Coaching Coordinators. If there is only one person apply to coach a team, that coach does not automatically get the team, but must be voted by the Administrative Board whether he/she is granted the team or not. The Administrative Board shall have final approval of all coaches and managers.


Suggested addition of highlighted area


Motion to accept the changes highlighted and add them to the Constitution as written by Kyle Boyd, seconded by Stacie Vokins, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried.



8.         Election of Administrative Board Members:


*Note:  The board received a resignation letter from Stacie Vokins, Tournament Coordinator.  Motion to accept resignation by Kevin Boyd.  Seconded by Jeff West.  All in favour, motion carried.


            Chair of Elections: Dan Wicks


            POSITION                                                                 TERM


Vice President – Kris Boyd                             2 Years                                             

Secretary – Tim Brown                                   2 Years  

Treasurer – Farrell Garbutt                            2 Years

Coaching Coordinator – Kyle Boyd                  2 Years

Ice Scheduler – Stacie Vokins                           2 Years

OMHA Representative – Jen Bellefeuille         2 Years

Equipment Manager – Shawn Farr                    2 Years

Fundraising Coordinator - Lisa Roddy            2 Years

Initiation Program Director – Jeff West            2 Years

Tournament Coordinator – Heidi Flowers      1 Year (due to resignation)



9.         Closing Comments:  Dan wicks welcomed new MMHA Board Members thanked exiting and continuing members.



10.       Next AGM Meeting:  To be determined by new and existing MMHA Administration Board Members.



11.       Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 pm.  Motion to adjourn by Kevin Boyd, seconded by Jen Bellefeuille, all in favor, motion carried.